Tuesday, 21 December 2010

You couldn't fabricate it!

This afternoon we received the following email...

While exploring on internet we found your good company engaged in the manufacturing of velvet fabric materials.

At present we are looking to import velvet materials mainly in Red, Maroon, Black and Green colors, hope you would be able to meet our requirements.

You are requested to please let us have your catalogue for above materials, by post to the following address. If the prices and quality will be up to the expectations, we assure potential repeated orders.

Pity they don't want purple really...


  1. Oh that's very funny. Why don't you keep the correspondence going? You could start with "As we only supply top quality material to order, please send £1000 to make your account operative."

  2. Yes we should definitely do that! And of course we can easily send them our catalogue, though what they'll make of an Eastleigh area bus timetable remains to be seen...