Friday, 3 December 2010

Fangs for the information

A few hours ago I was down at Eastleigh Ice Rink (it's brilliant and its got an amazing bus service, so good it needs six separate bus stops to handle them all!) keeping the public informed.

A well-spoken gentleman strolled up, and asked a few perfectly sensible questions about which estates were being served and which weren't. It happened to be Bluestar routes he was enquiring about, but no matter, he explained that he needed the info for his wife who needed to catch a bus later, and we had a very pleasant chat.

The only slightly disconcerting thing was that for the entire duration of our perfectly normal conversation, his dog - I'm no expert but some kind of pit bull thing by the look of it - was growling at me continuously and straining at the leash!

Not once did the gentleman acknowledge the existence of the dog, nor pass any comment about its behaviour. For all the world he behaved as though it simply wasn't there, chatting away happily while the canine made clear its desire to tear me limb from limb!

While I maintained my composure, I have to say it was a very odd experience and really quite surreal! Eventually he wandered off leaving me a nervous wreck!

I only hope I gave him the right answers to his questions....

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