Friday, 29 March 2013


In the course of planning a top secret IT project, a colleague and I met a software developer in London on Friday.  He’s a lovely guy but you couldn’t wish for a sharper contrast between the traditional world of buses and the razor-sharp cutting edge of mobile technology.  While I looked unkempt in my baggy, tired old suit, he looked like the cover of a fashion magazine – so cool he needed an ice bucket to stand in.

He took us to a free range, organic, ethically sourced coffee shop.  All the other customers looked like models waiting for their next job.  My colleague had something complicated involving peppermint and hot chocolate.  This guy had something so involved it took about two minutes just to order it.  Being of simple taste I asked for an Americano.

The drinks arrived and he stared at mine, wide eyed.

“Is that, like, a normal black coffee?” he asked, his face etched with disbelief.  I replied that it was.

He reached out to shake my hand.  "Oh man," he said, "you're hardcore!"


  1. Ask for an Americano with milk on the side - that'll get him!!

  2. I was under the impression that an Americano wasn't really a black coffee as it already had milk in it. However, as I also only order it when faced with many more complicated options I'm not exactly an expert. The ones I order here in Bangkok alwyas have milk in them anyway. I suspect I too might be hardcore.

  3. Strong & black is the only way to drink coffee !

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